If STALKER 2 is delayed for a longer period of time than anticipated, Microsoft will refund pre-orderers

The post-apocalyptic game STALKER 2 Heart of Chornobyl, developed by the Ukrainian firm GSC Game World, may be further delayed, and Microsoft will issue refunds to people who had previously pre-ordered it on the Xbox Series X.

If STALKER 2 is delayed for a longer period of time than anticipated, Microsoft will refund pre-orderers

One of the most eagerly awaited Xbox Series X exclusives, STALKER 2, may be delayed much farther than initially thought.

Microsoft is offering money refunds to users who have reserved it, according to the Polish media outlet XGP, as its release date "is unclear." It is also not able to pre-order the game on the Microsoft Store.

A release date for the game is not yet set. Its creators, the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World, repeatedly delayed the game's release, finally setting the date for December 8, 2022, in early January 2022. Naturally, all of this was documented after the war with Russia started.

According to his most recent report, it is anticipated to happen around 2023, though actual timing will depend on how development goes. Several GSC Game World employees left Kiev and set up temporary residence in Prague, while others stayed in the country.

According to a dev diary outlining what it's like to build a game in the midst of a conflict, some of them are even in the military.

In an alternate reality where there was a second, much deadlier nuclear tragedy, Chernobyl is the setting of the first-person shooter and role-playing game STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl.

We must survive in The Zone, an open environment with numerous survival-related themes, where we will encounter weird phenomena that will change even when we are not playing, giving the impression that we are dealing with a living universe and making each experience quite unique.

The production of STALKER 2 may take many more months or perhaps years than anticipated, depending on the outcome of the war and the personal circumstances of the GSC Game World team members. It is a PC and Xbox Series X exclusive and one of Phil Spencer's personal favorites.

Other Ukrainian game development businesses, like Frogwares, the company behind the Sherlock Holmes video games, have turned to patronage campaigns to fund their projects. ... to highly specific advertising, including holding a drawing among supporters to sign a dedication on a cannon that will be used to fire at Russian troops.

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